#NoStrawMovement is Finally Launched

Jakarta,May 10th 2017

#NoStrawMovement is Finally Launched

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As part of the #Nostrawmovement launched on May 9th, 2017, KFC Indonesia with Divers Clean Action did a clean up action, cleaning the sea and coastal area of Pramuka Island, Thousand Islands. This action was supported by various Indonesian diving communities and managed to gather a total of 81 kilograms of trash made up mostly of plastic, including straws.

Hendra Yuniarto, General Manager Marketing PT Fast Food Indonesia explained, “#Nostrawmovement is an invitation from KFC Indonesia to its consumers to reduce plastic waste especially single-used plastic straws by refusing to use plastic straws when ordering drinks anywhere. The clean up activity in Pramuka Island proved how much plastic straws contribute to marine debris as we gathered 1.45 kilograms of plastic straws from this activity. It is no surprise when stated that straws are the 5th highest marine debris contributor in the world.”

Through sampling method and weighing based on types of debris, the coastal and marine debris clean up in Pramuka Island resulted in a total of 81 kilograms of waste where 9 kilograms were obtained from a 150 meter coastal sweeping and the highest amount of debris type was PET Plastic, making up 23%. While diving in Pramuka Island sea for 230 meters as deep as 10-13 meters resulted in 72 kilograms of waste where the highest amount of debris type were plastic packages (16.4%) and textile fabric (16.2%). To initiate #NoStrawMovement, straw waste gathered by 60 people reached 1.45 kilograms from the total of 81 kilograms of waste collected or as long as 243 meters if made to a straight line, comparable to the length of 12 train carriages.

Swietenia Puspa Lestari, founder of Divers Clean Action (DCA) explained, “Debris data was obtained through sampling method and weighing based on types of debris such as styrofoam, plastic packages, PET plastic, clear plastic, plastic from drinking products, plastic straws, thick plastic, plastic bags, HDPE plastic, PP plastic, textile fabrics, B3, glass, cans, and residue. Hopefully the result of this clean up can be used by the public and as benchmarks to reduce the amount of debris in the seas and beaches of Pramuka Island and other locations. Based on those data and our previous activities it is proven that the effort to reduce trash needs to be encouraged so that the sea is not a place to throw away garbage anymore.”

As pointed out before by Tenia when launching the #NoStrawMovement that aside from the fact that straws are the 5th highest contributors of marine debris in the world, according to the data founded by Jambeck (2015), it turns out that Indonesia ranked 2nd in the world as a country that generates plastic waste into the ocean, up to 1,29 tons per year. While according the data collected by Divers Clean Action, the estimate of straw usage in Indonesia each day sums up to 93,244,847 originating from restaurants, packed drinks, and other sources (packed straws) where 93,244,847 straws could be equated to 16,784 kilometers, or the same as the distance between Jakarta and Mexico City, or if added up to a week then the usage of straws reaches 117,499 kilometers or 3 times the earth’s circumference.

Through #NoStrawMovement KFC Indonesia expect the support of consumers to care more about plastic waste especially single-used plastic straws by transforming the habit of drinking with straws to save the sea and the biotas living in it.


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