#NoStrawMovement Goes National

Jakarta,May 8,2018

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On Coral Day May 8th, 2018, KFC Indonesia and DCA launched #NoStrawMovement in a national scale by holding a press conference led by Rani Patricia, host of Jejak Petualang Trans 7 and invited medias and food enthusiasts in KFC Kemang. #NoStrawMovement is a commitment to reduce the usage of single-used plastic straws. How? KFC Indonesia outlets pull their straw dispensers, and put up infographics about the danger of straws in their outlets. Customers are encouraged to drink without plastic straws as an effort to reduce marine debris and save our environment.

Swietenia Puspa, founder of Divers Clean Action explained the background of this movement and how vast usage of plastic straws threat the environment. Single-used plastic straw is one of the most common and abundant items found as marine debris. Plastic straws take a long, long time to decompose, have no value after usage, and therefore endangering the ocean ecosystem. Corals that are covered by marine debris are prone to bleaching and will eventually die.

Kaka and Ridho from Slank were also at the press conference, as they are both divers who have first-hand experience witnessing the effect of marine debris to Indonesian’s ocean. They even stated that every time they dive, they always find plastic straws scattered everywhere. Realizing that real actions must be taken to save the environment, these two public figures fully support this movement.

Hendra Yuniarto, General Marketing Manager of PT Fast Food Indonesia presented the data of KFC’s waste and straw usage since #NoStrawMovement was launched in 2016. Until now, KFC Indonesia managed to reduce 45% of consumer straw usage and is optimistic that by implementing this movement all-over Indonesia, they can contribute in reducing marine debris and create a better environment.

We are very pleased that our efforts since late 2016 working with KFC Indonesia to reduce single-used plastic straws are progressing greatly. About a year ago, KFC and Divers Clean Action launched #NoStrawMovement in 6 outlets in Jakarta, and then the movement expanded to outlets in Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi) area. In August 2017, KFC Indonesia supported Indonesian Youth Marine Debris Summit 2017, an event initiated by DCA to empower Indonesian youths in fostering marine debris. Look where we are now? All actions start small, so never give up in protecting the environment!

Our hope that #NoStrawMovement will inspire more consumers other restaurants across the country to implement a system to support reducing waste potential through real actions. Not only in KFC Indonesia, everyone, everywhere should practice the habit of refusing to use plastic straws. Let’s save our oceans!

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