An Indonesian youth NGO and Community focusing marine debris issues, we've been researching on marine debris data with various partner universities, coastal community development facilitators, environmental collaborating program with diving institutions, campaigns and training since late 2015 with more than 1000 volunteers across Indonesia. We're really excited to gather and collaborate to have a bigger and wider impact of good actions!

Our Program

Our clean-up results will be converted to data. We also collaborate with research organizations to develop more date regarding marine debris in Indonesia. Check out those data on www.marinedebris.id.

To spread awareness and train how to combat marine debris, we held workshops and trainings to ocean enthusiasts. In 2017 we held the first-ever Indonesian Youth Marine Debris Summit, and in 2018 we co-host YSEALI Regional Workshop: Marine Debris Expedition.

Through programs like Save Our Small Islands, we enable and empower communities to join the fight against marine debris.

We collaborate with companies in their CSR/EPR projects to combat waste and marine debris problems. Our partners include KFC (No Straw Movement), and Danone (Bottle 2 Fashion)



Anyone can be an ocean ranger like us! Here are ways you can join our movement.


Help us fight marine debris issue by signing up as a volunteer.

Don’t forget to pick up trash when you go to beaches and oceans then bring it to the proper waste facilty. Do inform us of your findings! Go to this website for methods and data input.

Your donation will be used to support our causes. Donate to BRI 019301003110302 a/n Yayasan Penyelam Lestari Indonesia.

Do you like to travel but have little time to do so? Or do you want to go on a holiday while contributing to the sustainability of small islands? Join our 2-day ecotrip, a fun trip with eco-friendly principles!




Join our network to get updates on our programs and see if it suits you. Send us your CV and a statement letter to sign up!